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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much does this service cost?

Fees vary from $30 to $100. Each Dermatologist sets his/her own fee. You can search for Dermatologists and see their fees on the Free App [iPhone/iPad - App Store], [Android - Google Play] or the Website.

2. How does the cost compare to seeing a Dermatologist in person?

Factoring in a copay, huge convenience factor, immediate access to care, and any deductible, Skinmd Now is an extremely cost-effective way to get expert help from Board-certified Dermatologists. Accessing expert care from the very beginning means less time and money wasted on incorrect diagnoses and treatments that don’t work. Prevent scarring, get rid of an itchy rash, or detect skin cancer without waiting for an appointment.

3. What are the accepted forms of payment?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card.

4. If I use this service to reach a Dermatologist, but then end up seeing the Dermatologist in person, will I still be charged a fee?

It is up to the discretion of the Dermatologist whether or not to charge you a fee in such circumstances.

5. Can my family doctor or pediatrician use this service to consult a Dermatologist for me?

Yes, healthcare professionals such as family physicians, pediatricians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants can also use Skinmd Now to reach a Dermatologist using a credit card or a referral code.


Learn about Dermatologists

1. What is a Dermatologist?

Dermatologists are doctors who are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of all skin, hair, and nail problems, both medical and cosmetic. They are also experts in performing skin procedures and surgeries, and using lasers.

2. Which conditions can be treated by a Dermatologist?

Dermatologists are experts in treating any medical or cosmetic problem that pertains to skin, hair or nails.
Some of these are - acne (pimples), moles, warts, eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer (melanoma, etc.), rosacea, rash, itching, dry skin, hives (urticaria), fungal (tinea) and bacterial (impetigo, boils, staph, MRSA) skin infections, cold sores (herpes), Shingles, bug bites, poison ivy, skin allergy, scars and keloids, vitiligo, hair loss (alopecia), excess hair, dandruff, nail fungus, scabies, lice, sarcoidosis and lupus, hemangiomas and skin conditions of newborns, infants and children, sun spots, sunburn and sun protection (sunscreen, dangers of tanning, sunless tanning), skin cancer surgery (Mohs) and skin rejuvenation (lines, wrinkles, dark spots, aging), Botox ®, fillers (Juvederm ®, Restylane ®, Radiesse ®), cosmetics, lasers, chemical peels, etc.



1. Do you accept my health insurance plan?

We don’t accept health insurance plans at this time; however, you may submit charges to your insurance company for reimbursement.

2. Do I need health insurance to use this service?

You do not need health insurance to use this service. You can pay using a major credit card.

3. Can I pay for a prescribed medication with my insurance?

If your insurance covers the medication prescribed, then you may use your healthcare insurance to pay for the medication as you normally would.

4. Does my healthcare FSA (flexible spending account) cover this service?

This service may be covered; however, please check with your FSA program administrator.


Refund Policy

1. How can I get a refund?

If you were charged for a request submitted to a Dermatologist but you did not receive a reply, please submit a claim within 30 days to

In all other circumstances, please be aware that by submitting a request to a Dermatologist, you are agreeing to pay the Dermatologist's listed fee.


New User Account

1. How can I create a new account?

You can create a new account using the free app. Please download the free app on iTunes . This app will allow you to create an account, submit requests to Dermatologists and review and manage old requests.


Download App

1. Where can I download the free app?

You can download the free iPhone/iPad (iOS) app on iTunes or the free Android app on Free Android App



1. How do I take a good photo?

Good photos are very important for Dermatologists to diagnose and treat you correctly.

Photos should be taken in bright light, natural sunlight is best. Photos should be focused and not blurry. Please avoid shadows. For perspective, take 1 photo from farther away, and another closer-up.

2. How can I submit a photo?

You can either submit a photo through your smart phone or tablet using the Free App [iPhone/iPad - App Store], [Android - Google Play] or upload photos from a digital camera through the Website. Similarly, you can also submit any additional photos after your consult has been created. Or, after you have submitted a request using the app, you can logon to this website and upload photos from a digital camera as well.


Select Dermatologist

1. Which dermatologist should I select?

You may select any Dermatologist that is licensed to practice in the state where you live, or in which you are currently present. You may also select Dermatologists based on sub-specialties.



1. How do I get treated?

Based on all the information provided by you, the Dermatologist will diagnose and formulate a treatment plan. You will receive an email with this diagnosis and treatment plan. You may also login and print a copy for your records. By providing the pharmacy name and fax number to the Dermatologist, you may obtain any medication(s) that are prescribed by the Dermatologist. In emergent cases, the Dermatologist may direct you to go to your nearest emergency room.

2. Which conditions do Dermatologists diagnose and treat?

Dermatologists are experts in conditions of the skin, hair and nails - from skin cancer, and optimal skin health and sun protection, to acne, eczema, psoriasis, warts, hair loss, nail fungus, and many others, to cosmetics and skin rejuvenation. They treat both adults and children.

3. What if I have an emergent or life-threatening condition?

You should not use this service. Instead, you should seek immediate medical attention by going to your nearest emergency room.


Prescription Medications

1. How do I obtain a prescription for a medication?

If a prescription medication is necessary for treatment, the Dermatologist will send the prescription to your pharmacy. It is important that you enter the name of your pharmacy, and an up-to-date fax number for this pharmacy.

2. Which pharmacy can I use?

You may use any US-based pharmacy that accepts faxed prescriptions.

3. Can I pay for a prescribed medication with my insurance?

If your insurance covers the medication prescribed, then you may use your healthcare insurance to pay for the medication as you normally would.



1. How can I follow-up with a Dermatologist for my condition?

You may follow-up in person with the Dermatologist who replies to your request, or you may schedule an appointment with a different Dermatologist.


Healthcare Professionals

1. How can I use this service as a Healthcare Professional?

You can also contact Dermatologists for your patients. Using the free app, you can create a new Healthcare Professional account, and submit a request on your patient's behalf. You will receive a diagnosis and treatment plan that helps better manage your patient's condition.


Participating Dermatologists

1. How can I become a Participating Dermatologist?

Please contact us at or use this form if you would like to start doing teledermatology consults.



1. May I use this service if I am outside the United States?

You may consult one of our Dermatologists for help with your skin condition. You are responsible for following your country's rules and regulations.



1. How private is this process?

All of your information is encrypted, protected and confidential. Our physicians are bound by HIPPA. Your private information will only be available to you and the Dermatologist that you select.